Artificial Intelligence: Warehouses that Learn by Themselves

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Artificial Intelligence: Warehouses that Learn by Themselves

Improving collaboration between humans and machines is one area with optimization potential. Imagine your order picking staff wearing smart glasses in the future. By sending hand movements to the computer system, your order picking robot can also enhance its capabilities.

However, transferring the delicate interaction of gestures and motor skills from humans to machines remains challenging today. But one day, virtually all human experiences can be transferred to machines as new knowledge for performing a wide variety of tasks.

“Artificial intelligence allows the warehouse of the future to be more dynamic and agile, with greater responsiveness. The intelligent interconnection of information from machines, processes, and products represents a significant advancement for process optimization.”

Tim Eick, Head of the SynQ Competence Center, Swisslog Logistics Automation

Warehouses that learn by themselves (Learning Warehouse): automated decision-making processes

Rigid programming is a thing of the past. Nowadays, the key is to interconnect computer systems with machine learning algorithms.

Thanks to complex calculation operations, our warehouse systems acquire technical knowledge to learn to recognize patterns, regularities, and interdependencies from unstructured data, and they adapt autonomously and dynamically to new situations within the entire logistics system.

Machine learning is the key to achieving greater efficiency in your warehouse. Gathering their own experiences, anticipating situations, and autonomously refining existing technical knowledge: that’s how machines can make the right decision in every situation within the supply chain.

One concept, infinite possibilities of automation

Imagine being able to initiate order preparation even before the customer reaches the checkout phase of their online order.

The field of application of artificial intelligence is enormous. One of our goals is to help you create reliable forecasts about your customers’ behavior during orders using intelligent algorithms. This will allow you to take into account external factors such as marketing campaigns or current weather conditions to predict virtually 100% of each customer’s order probability.

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