Robots for the healthcare sector

Robots for the healthcare sector

Our robots have helped a large number of companies and medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory institutions to create automation systems for a wide range of applications, from dental instruments to pacemaker assembly and blood handling.

With some of the strictest tolerance requirements, medical system certifications, etc., the medical industry has high manufacturing standards, making the use of Epson Robots perfect.

As a leader in reliability in small assembly and material handling robots, our SCARA robots from the G Series and 6-axis C3 Series are regularly making their way into new medical applications.


These are some of the medical applications
in which our robots have been used:

  • Surgical blade machining
  • Bariatric device testing
  • Dental instrument insert molding
  • Pipette, test tube, and syringe handling/packaging
  • Packaging of dental drills
  • Assembly of medical and dental implants
  • Precision fluid dispensing for DNA testing
  • Manufacturing of contact lenses and glass

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Robots SCARA

Providing customers with the power to choose has made Epson the number one SCARA robot manufacturer in the world. With over 300 models, we have the most suitable robot for your application.


Robots de 6 ejes

The compact and high-performance 6-axis robots offer exceptional flexibility. With a unique Slimline design and reduced footprint, 6-axis robots can work in tight spaces like never before.

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