Sorter and Order Sorting

Sorter and Order Sorting

Do you need a friendly, compatible, and easy-to-integrate order sorting system?

Nordica Automation’s sorters and conveyor belts offer the functionality, intelligence, and services needed to optimize your entire distribution chain.

The implementation of our sorters and their conveyor rollers streamlines internal warehouse logistics, allowing merchandise to be directed to different destinations based on its identification, content, and order status.

Thanks to the versatility of the order sorting systems, intelligent roller conveyors accept all types of sensors and feature fully integrated automatic diverters, acting as automatic sorters

Automatically sort order picking:

An automatic order sorting system is a key component for warehouse optimization.

With the automations we offer at Nordica Automation, warehouses can streamline the picking process using the light-guided system for pick-to-light and put-to-light operations, or have a fully automatic order picking system using dispensers. Then, the rollers take care of moving the merchandise between different warehouse zones and between the various workstations.

The sensors and diverters integrated into the intelligent roller conveyors act as automatic sorters, achieving:

  • Automatic sorting of complete or incomplete orders due to stock shortages.
  • Automatic sorting of bins into the operator section, allowing multiple operators to collaborate on the preparation of the same order without moving from their workstation.
  • Automatic sorting in the final phase of order picking, with different roller paths in the output lines depending on the distribution destination.

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