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Revolutionary healthcare technology
for safer medication management
and better patient care


Maximum safety at the patient’s bedside.

How does it works?
By scanning the medication's barcode, at the bedside, we maximize patient safety. Our app is connected with PharmaPouchs which makes the process easy to use.
What are the benefits of usin TM Care?
There are many benefits by using TM Care app, like caregiver's reminders to notify them when it's time to give a patient a medication. Also patient's alert, to know if a patient has a particular condition that can threat his safety.
What do I need to start?
Our team of experts will contact you after you file the form, and discuss with you the requirements based on your specific case.

HealthCare Automation

Increase safety and efficiency during healthcare delivery with our automation solutions, specially designed for the healthcare sector.

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We provide automation solutions for more efficient and productive industries.

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