The innovative automated storage and picking system CarryPick is designed for multichannel intralogistics. CarryPick features secure and configurable workstations tailored to the requirements of each warehouse. Each mobile system can be customized for items of different sizes and shapes, as well as easily moved to another location.

The integrated pick-by-light and pick-to-point system significantly reduces errors during picking.

Project implementation and staff training are achieved very quickly thanks to its intuitive workstation interface, making it easy to use.

Do you want your business to grow without having
to make any structural changes to your facilities?

CarryPick es un sistema modular y flexible de almacenamiento y preparación de pedidos, ideal para empresas con visión de futuro.

What makes Nordica Automation’s
CarryPick system unique?

  • Intelligent software solutions with enhanced algorithms to optimize the way items are allocated for storage and picking.
  • In addition to core processes, you have access to analytical tools. This will help you better evaluate and make smart decisions in your warehouse.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic workstations ensure easy and error-free operation with touch screens and pick-and-to-light features.
  • Perfect for those starting an online, retail, or omnichannel business.

Are you ready to automate your processes?

We’re here to accompany you
in your technological transformation.