AutoStore is a unique and simple solution that utilizes robots and bins to quickly process orders for small parts.

It offers better use of available space compared to any other automated system, thanks to its unique design that allows for both direct stacking of bins on top of each other, and the storage of multiple references in a single bin.

Over time, the system automatically learns which products have higher turnover and stores them on the top layer to ensure faster order picking times.

Autostore is the future of storage

The modular and fully scalable design of AutoStore makes the system ready to increase performance by simply adding more robots. Its flexibility also facilitates integration into existing warehouses without the need for any additional construction work.

The system’s unique redundancy means there is no single point of failure. If one robot breaks down, another takes over its tasks.

Each robot is extremely energy-efficient, using only 0.1 kW of energy per hour: 6 robots use the same amount as a toaster! This low energy consumption, combined with low maintenance costs, results in a very favorable total cost of ownership.

Now people don’t need to walk long distances to pick up products; the robots deliver products directly to stations to reduce picking times.

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